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Porur Kundrathur Vijayam Mahanagar (now called P.K.V. Mahanagar) with two lay out (Phase I and II) comprises of residential plots (1219), land for parks/play ground (6), public purpose plots, community hall, shops and Schools, encompassing an area of 115 acres were developed in 2004 by the South Chennai Co-operative Housing Society Limited (hereinafter it will be referred to as the ‘Society’) through Lion Dr. R.P. Darrmalingam, promoter of the lay-out.

Approval for Phase I lay-out:

Phase I lay-out was approved by the Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority in 2004 (PPD LO No.14/2004 - Letter No.L1/158/2004, dated 16-2-2004) and by the Kundrathur Town Panchayat (Letter D.Dis.No.183/2003, dated 2-4-2004). Plots under this lay-out were sold by the Society in 2004. The plots reserved for public purposes were also sold by the Society though they are supposed to be reserved for one year.

Approval of Phase II lay out:

(a) Approval for Phase II lay-out was granted by the Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority in 2004 (PPD LO No.105/2004 – Letter No.L1/24689/2004, dated 1-9-2004). Pending approval by the Kundrathur Town Panchayat, the Society has sold the plots of this lay-out, including the plots reserved for public purposes. Owners of the plots in Phase II will not find such an approval number in the lay-out sketch attached to the sale deed.

(b) Current status of Panchayat’s approval for Phase II lay out: The Porur Kundrathur Vijayam Mahanagar Plot Owners’ Association, which was registered in December 2007, approached the Kundrathur Town Panchayat and saw a communication to the Society which required the Society to develop tar roads in the lay-out as a pre-condition to approval of the lay-out. When the Association took up the issue with the Society, the Society replied that the estimate for developing tar roads in Phase II worked out to more than Rs.3.5 crores and the Society expressed their helplessness to comply with such a directive as they had no financial provision to lay tar roads in Phase II lay-out. On appeal and persistent follow up by the Association, the Kundrathur Town Panchayat granted approval (Letter D.Dis. No.183/2003, dated 7-12-2007) for the Phase II lay-out. The Association has issued attested copies of this approved lay-out to Members of our Association.

(c) Problems in Phase II:

(i) Plot Nos.111 to 116, 122 to 129, 573 to 576 and 593 to 596 (22 plots) are a part of approval of this lay-out. But, these plots and the roads connecting them were not owned by the Society. Out of these 22 plots, three plots (Plots 122, 129 and 593) were sold by the Society and the other plots were not sold. Because of this problem, the plots fully affected without approach road are 106 to 110, 117 to 122 and 129 to 131. Plots partially affected are 585 to 592.

(ii) PP Plots - PP I to PP XXVIII under Phase II: These plots are the part of the approved lay-out. But, roads have not been developed in this area and it still looks like a jungle with thorny bushes. The Association took steps to solve this issue in 2011 and 2012. But, the Association could not do much until 17th November 2013 as PP Plot owners from PPI to PP XI are adamant that they will not become Members of the Association and even out of the others who have become Members of the Association, only one Member responded the call of the Association with Encumbrance Certificate.

(iii) Proposed steps in regard to PP Plots PP I to PP XXVIII: Two of the Members coming under these PP plots came with a request to the Association to sort out the problems with their plots. The Executive Committee Members, in their meeting held on 10th November 2013, decided to: (a) Leave PP plots PP I to PP XI, PP XXI to PPXXIII as it is as they have not shown interest in becoming Members of the Association ; (b) obtain encumbrance certificates from PP plots PP XII to PP XXI and from PP XXIV to XXVIII ; (c) if the titles are clear, with the presence of the representatives of the Society and the Association, to clear the thorny bushes; and (d) with the financial assistance of Members from these plot owners, to lay boundary stones by taking the assistance of a Surveyor and to develop road. Hopefully, this assignment should get completed before the end of December 2013. This assurance was given to the Members during the AGM held on 17th November 2013.

(d) NAMING OF THE APPROACH ROAD AND SIGNAGE: With the approval of the Kundrathur Town Panchayat, the approach road has been named after “P.K.V. Mahanagar Main Road”. Three directional sign boards and another sign board in the name of “P.K.V. Mahanagar” with a welcome message from our Association have been installed on 16th November 2013 with an investment of slightly more than Rs.1 Lakh. These sign boards have been designed with the standards of sign boards installed by the Corporation of Chennai and we hope that it will boost up the image of our Nagar.

(e) Location of P.K.V. Mahanagar: The P.K.V..Mahanagar is located very closer to Chennai & Tambaram-Maduravoyal Bye-Pass Road and is situated between Murugan Temple and Thiruneermalai Temple. The P.K.V. Mahanagar is just 10 minutes drive from Kundrathur Bus-Terminus, 10 minutes drive from Tambaram; 10 minutes drive from Pallavaram and 5 minutes drive from the outer ring road. State Transport Bus Depot is coming up near the P.K.V. Mahanagar. Kundrathur-Thiruneermalai road is proposed to be widened as 100’ road.

(f) Approach to P.K.V. Mahanagar: Members experienced problem in the approach road at the entrance after the culvert and the Association has solved this issue by arranging to purchase the particular road portion of the land. There is one more objection for using the approach road just before the entrance to the P.K.V. Mahanagar and the Association is in the process of solving this issue. During the AGM held on 17th November 2013, some of the Members suggested that we should aim for getting connectivity to the service road of the bye-pass road by way of a bridge and also aim for getting approaches through Manikandan Nagar, Mehta Nagar and near the proposed Bus Depot, etc. While these suggestions were welcome, it was decided to have main concentration towards building of a bridge which will make the people of the other Nagar to seek approach to P.K.V. Mahanagar.

(g) Electric supply to P.K.V. Mahanagar: Electric poles were laid even before the Annual General Body Meeting of 2011-12. But, cables could not be drawn because of objection in the approach road. The Electricity Board has decided an alternate route. But, as per the decision of the Tamil Nadu Electricity Board in June 2013, poles and cables were to be laid at the expense of the Tamil Nadu Electricity Board only to completed houses, which means that the person who constructs house should meet the entire material cost of poles & cables besides meeting the installation charges and bearing electricity charges at Commercial rate. This resulted in delay in drawing of electric supply into our Nagar. However, the Tamil Nadu Electricity Board reversed this decision in October 2013 and we are hopeful of getting electric supply to the house under construction before the end of November 2013. Once this is done, our Association is planning to get a few street lights installed.

(h) House constructions in P.K.V. Mahanagar: Mr. Krishnamurthy, the owner of Plot No.207 in Phase I has started constructing a house in P.K.V. Mahanagar. We really appreciate him. During the AGM held on 17th November 2013, two more Members came forward to construct houses in the Nagar. We request Members to seriously think of constructing houses in the Nagar which will help us to get a bridge across the river, to get LIVING STATUS for our Nagar and also for the development of the Nagar. Those who come forward to build houses may approach Mr. Krishnamurthy (Mobile No.98405 75474) or his builder Mr. Jesu Selvam (Mobile No.98404 15130) so that it would be mutually beneficial from the point of view of economical construction and security perspective.

(i) Association’s assistance to Members who come forward to construct houses: The Association has decided to post an additional Security Guard at the construction site and the salary of the Security Guard, to the extent of Rs.5,000 per month, will be met by the Association.

(j) Bridge connecting the P.K.V. Mahanagar and Tambaram-Maduravoyal Bye-pass Road: Mahilam Enclave, who had developed residential lay-out in between the P.K.V. Maha Nagar and the river, built a bridge across the river. But, there was no official approval for building this bridge. Most of the Members and non-Members travelled through the bridge before deciding to purchase the plots in the P.K.V. Mahanagar. In 2009, the Government demolished the bridge, allegedly based on public complaint giving the colour of flood in their Nagar because of blocking of river water flow. But, God alone knows what was the real reason. The Association could not stop the demolition as the Government cleverly undertook the operation with perfect planning of execution on a Saturday.

(k) New bridge construction: During the Annual General Body Meeting 2010-11, it was decided to undertake the bridge construction through Government-public partnership. The Association made serious attempts to get it executed. But, if the bridge has to be constructed with Government-public partnership, the Government Authorities are looking for at least 20 end-users. We urge Members to come forward to build houses which will support our efforts. During the AGM on 17th November 2013, all the Members supported the bridge construction and one member suggested that if Government does not come forward to meet part of the expense, our Association Members, jointly with other beneficiaries, should come forward to build a bridge of smaller width by meeting the entire expense and, at a later date, widen it. It was a welcome suggestion and we are planning to move forward in that direction. We appeal to all the non-Members to become Members of the Association so that the benefits of the Association can be enjoyed by all on contributory basis.

(l) Projected appreciation of market value of the plots: The current market value of the plots in the P.K.V. Mahanagar is Rs.1,200 to Rs.1,325 per sq. ft. The Association’s projection is that the market value will reach at least Rs.2,000 per sq. ft. as soon as the bridge gets constructed, which will earn an appreciation of nearly Rs.20 Lakhs per ground.

(m) Developments around P.K.V. Mahanagar: Adjoining the approach roads, industries and shops have come up. A huge residential complex is under construction by Amarprakash Constructions. An Engineering College is also in the pipe-line. We have seen the beginning of a house in P.K.V. Mahanagar. Beyond our Nagar, all barren lands have been converted as residential plots. We are moving towards developing P.K.V. Mahanagar as a township.

(n) Association’s contribution in development of the P.K.V. Mahanagar: Association has obtained approval for the Phase II lay-out from the Kundrathur Town Panchayat; initially removed thorny bushes (looked like jungle) from the entire lay-out; removed the thorny bushes periodically; solved the approach road issue; arranged for laying of boundary stones and identification stones for plots; allayed the fear of diesel line affecting certain plots; solved attempts of encroachment; recently leveled the approach road by spending around Rs.1.5 Lakhs jointly with others, to make it roadworthy. (Though some of the Members have not cleared their dues and there are around 350 non-members, we have decided to clear thorny bushes from the entire Nagar – excepting PP Plots PP I to PP XI and from PP XXI to PP XXIII in Phase II – keeping a broad mind to maintain our Nagar decent. We request members to clear their dues and non-members to become members).

(j) Vision of the Association: The major projects on hand now for the Association to solve are: (i) solving another approach road-block; (ii) construction of a bridge across the river; (iv) purchasing a land for the Association and construct a building thereon for which we need more fund of at least Rs.10 Lakhs; (iv) Enrolling 100% Membership (v) Obtain payments from Members who are in arrears; (vi) Problems with certain plots which were sold by the Society without ownership; and (vii) PP plots in Phase II having problems.

Your Association is striving hard to develop the Nagar to benefit all. But, the Association wish that it has 100% membership with NIL dues so that the fruits of the contribution by members and efforts of the Association can be enjoyed by all with fullest satisfaction.


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The President has sent a communication to all the plot owners (Members and Non-Members) on 25th July 2013. A copy of the letter is published in this website. All are requested to go through the letter for details.
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